Friday, March 4, 2011

comment: 5 March 2011

Only one point on the long comment of Mr Manivannan:
That auction method followed in the initial stage of spectrum allotment in 1990's was recognised; and first-come-first method with the revenue-sharing method was followed since 2001 or so; This is what enaled low call charges for the user. Irregularities might have been there in the allotment during the period of Mr Mahajan; that can not justify the irregularities made in a bigger scale by Mr.Dayanidhi Maran and Mr.Raja.
Moreover, (i)the closing date of applications was foreclosed on a later date
(ii) the window was kept open for a mere 45 minutes for submission of the demand draft for an amount of Rs 1650 crores or so and Bank Guarantee, etc. and (iii) the announcement of the time for submission was given only a few hours earlier in the morning for submission of a demenad draft, etc
shows the process was blatantly carried out to favour a few; whether any consideration was there is not the issue. That a few bidders were favoured is somehting noone can disprove. Even diehard supporters of Mr.Raja and his leader can not defend him.

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